New Statesman Centenary Debate


Thursday, 4 April 2013 - 7:00pm

What is the most important issue facing feminism today?


A New Statesman Centenary Debate in association with Conway Hall

4 April 2013 7:00pm (Doors open @ 6:30pm)


British women have made incredible progress in the last 100 years, from getting the vote to passing the Equal Pay Act. So what's next?

Join the New Statesman's crack squad of feminist bloggers to discuss the question. Should we be campaigning against Page 3 but ignoring internet porn? Is feminism dominated by one particular type of voice? And do we worry too much about women at the top and not enough about those at the bottom? 



Helen Lewis is deputy editor of the New Statesman and a blogger for their website, where regular subjects include video games, online sexism and media. She tweets (too much) @helenlewis

Laurie Penny is an NS columnist and contributing editor and author of Meat Market and Discordia, co-authored with illustrator Molly Cabapple. She tweets@pennyred

Bim Adewunmi writes regularly for the NS and the Guardian, specialising in feminism, popular culture and race, and at her own blog Yoruba Girl Dancing. She tweets @bimadew 

Juliet Jacques writes regularly on gender, literature and football, and wrote an acclaimed series for the guardian about gender reassignment. She tweets@julietjacques

VJD Smith is better known as "Glosswitch", and once described herself as "a humourless feminist in mummy-blogger clothing". She tweets @glosswitch 

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter together run the Vagenda magazine, an online publication full of sharp, funny writing by young feminists. They are also writing a book together, when they're not tweeting @vagendamagazine

The event will be chaired by Caroline Crampton, web editor, New Statesman. After the panel discussion, there will be a Q and A session with the audience. This event is run by the New Statesman, as part of its 2013 centenary celebrations, in association with Conway Hall. 


Conway Hall



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